January 10, 2019

Masters of Human Research Management (MHRM) programs

Congratulations! You have the foundation for your HR department in place, and you are ready to select your staff. You must make sure that you are selecting the best talents for your HR department. You are now receiving resumes from recent graduates of Masters of Human Research Management (MHRM) programs, and you must prepare to interview the candidates. Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you: 1. Review the resume and cover letter you received from your job posting in the Week 8 discussion. Next, critique the competitive advantage you are predicting from the potential candidate. Provide […]
January 10, 2019

Assess the current Human Resource programs, policies, procedures, or initiatives in terms of effectiveness

Choose an organization with which you are familiar or one in which you have an interest. Research and analyze the organization’s Human Resource Management programs, policies, procedures, or initiatives. Evaluate their effectiveness and select a program, policy, procedure or initiative which you believe needs to be changed. Write a one (1) page paper in which you: 1.     Assess the current Human Resource programs, policies, procedures, or initiatives in terms of effectiveness. 2.     Hypothesize the changes that require improvement. 3.     Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements: a.     Typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all […]
January 10, 2019

Evaluate the operating industry of General Mills using a minimum of two forces included within Porter’s Five Forces model

In Module 2, we focus on SWOT. In order to complete a SWOT, we are required to identify and analyze the key opportunities and threats in the external environment. Then, we need to identify and analyze the company’s key strengths and weaknesses (internal analysis). WEEK 1: During Week 1, you are asked to address the following: a) Evaluate the operating industry of General Mills using a minimum of two forces included within Porter’s Five Forces model. b) Using PEST, assess General Mills’ remote environment using a minimum of two PEST forces. c) Conclude your assessment about the overall environment. Is […]
January 10, 2019

The Evolution of Human Capital Management

In your studies for this unit, you have examined many facets of human capital management. Throughout the course, you have also examined the development and evolution of the field of human resource management. For this discussion, analyze the influence of human resource management on the evolution of human capital management. Specifically, how have human resource management models helped to shape human capital management practices? Be sure to address employee recruitment and selection, or training and development, in your post. Provide examples, and use the course readings to support your statements. Recruitment, selection and training development represent core functions and responsibilities […]
January 10, 2019

Human Resource Issues at Valley National Bank

Human Resource Issues at Valley National Bank Overview:                 Chapter 1 introduced you to Human Resource issues that HRM professionals and general managers must deal with if they are to assist the organization in becoming competitive and meeting its goals. The exercise enables you to further develop your analytical skills as you assess the human resource issues affecting competitiveness at Valley National Bank. Learning Objectives: After completing the exercise, you should be able to: Identify human resource issues that may affect organizational effectiveness and competitiveness. Develop strategies for dealing with human resource concerns. Procedures:                 Part A: Individual Analysis Step 1: Read […]
January 10, 2019

Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case

Resource: Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case Read the Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case located on the student website. Write a 700- to 1,000-word (flexible) paper responding to the following questions: ·         How did your decision compare to the board’s decision? Why did you make the decision you did? What effect did organizational infrastructure and culture have on your decision? ·         What do you think were the main causes behind the problems that Magnolia ultimately suffered? What would you have done differently to avoid those problems? ·         What differences in acquiring revenue, accruing expenses, and training key personnel are there between a nonprofit organization’s inability to thrive and […]
January 10, 2019

How can team leadership be instrumental in ensuring a successful project?

Provide a one page description of your project which will make it very clear to me, your boss, what you are planning. Keep in mind that you will be using this project for all team activities for this session. For your new project, please develop a project team (citing names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers) and show how you will manage team dynamics in a project environment. Be certain to include: 1.       How can team leadership be instrumental in ensuring a successful project? 2.       Choose from the various organizational formats, including pure project, matrix, and functional structures. 3.       How can team dynamics and performance be […]
January 10, 2019

Construct a project charter to revamp the compensation and benefits package

Human Resource Project Plan  Due Week 6 and worth 280 points You have recently been appointed head of human resources and are now in charge of managing a small team. Your next project is to revamp the compensation and benefits package employees are receiving at your company. Design a plan for the human resource project without the use of MS Project or similar software. Note: You will have to make assumptions or create fictitious data for this assignment. Be clear about these assumptions and data for your professor to follow along. Write a eight to ten (8-10) page paper in […]
January 10, 2019

Is economic development a “fundamental human right?”

Is economic development a “fundamental human right?” If so, should this “right” be enforceable under international law? If you said, “No,” you may be among the minority of Earth’s inhabitants. The majority of the nations of the world believe that “economic development” is a fundamental human right. The majority, that is, not including the world’s wealthiest countries (United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Israel, etc.). The Universal Declaration of Human Rights  for example, provides that: Article 22 Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international […]
January 10, 2019

The roles nature and nurture have in the process of language development

Details: The relative significance of nature and nurture on the development of human language has been a historical debate spanning decades of cognitive and developmental psychology. For many years, people have debated and discussed the importance of nature and nurture and which has greater significance in human development. In this assignment, you will focus on the roles of nature and nurture in the process of language development. General Requirements: Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment: This assignment uses a grading rubric. Instructors will be using the rubric to grade the assignment; therefore, students should review […]
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