January 21, 2019

Four stages of operation contribution.

Need a answer with 500-700 words Operations Strategy Organizations need a strategy to implement the set performance objectives or goals. After the formulation of business performance objectives, the businesses need to formulate a strategy that will be followed to ensure that the set performance objectives are attained. To discuss operation strategies we first must know what operation strategy is. The strategy is the particular path that should be followed for the business to achieve the set goals. Operations performance is the pattern of strategic decisions that should be followed to attain the new set roles. Operations strategy should attain the […]
January 21, 2019

Evaluate Ethical Behavior

Task: Evaluate Ethical Behavior Using the Folole Muliaga case study provided in Bridgeman (2010) and Eweje and Wu (2010), evaluate alternative actions and consequences to Mercury Energy. In your paper, be certain to specifically address the following: • Briefly summarize the Folole Muliaga scenario • Assess the consequences/outcome • Determine if what Mercury Energy did was illegal • Are you in agreement with the police and coroner decisions? Why or why not? • What reforms/guidelines were adopted as a result of this tragedy? Support your paper with a minimum of five (5) scholarly resources in addition to required resources. In […]