December 14, 2020

What core lesson planning components are in both templates

What core lesson planning components  are in both templates As a teacher, you will encounter a variety of lesson planning templates and formats, each with unique terminology. Understanding educational terms and acronyms is critical to being successful in the education profession. This assignment will familiarize you with these important terms and lesson plan formats. Part 1: Understanding Educational Terminology For this assignment, review the educational terminology included in the “Understanding Educational Terminology” template. For each term in the template, include the following based on the resources in the topic materials and any additional resources you find in the GCU Library: […]
December 14, 2020

How the concepts of despair and defeat affect the various family members

How the concepts of despair and defeat affect the various family members Family Dynamics In Substance Abuse textbook: The Alcoholic Family In Recovery ( A Developmental Model) Stephanie Brown & Virginia Lewis. LEARNING ACTIVITY #2: ALCOHOLIC FAMILY SYSTEM DISCUSSION Read Chapter 8 in your textbook by Brown & Lewis. Prepare to share in discussion the following points. List the six system mechanisms (structure and process). Summarize in your words each of the six mechanisms as they relate to alcoholic family systems. Reflect upon how alcoholic family systems maintain drinking. OBJECTIVE 2: EXPLAIN WHY FEELINGS OF DESPAIR AND DEFEAT ARE IMPORTANT […]
December 14, 2020

Provide the Company’s cash balance for the past 2 years

Provide the Company’s cash balance for the past 2 years Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation. Choose a publicly traded company. Using the most recent SEC 10-k or Annual report, address the following: Company Name Provide the Company’s cash balance for the past 2 years. Provide the Company’s accounts receivable for past 2 years. Identify the Note that discusses ‘Cash and cash equivalents’ and summarize it. Identify the Note(s) relevant to accounts receivable and discuss the key accounting policies. Discuss the allowance for doubtful accounts. Provide the Company’s inventory balance for the past 2 years. Discuss the Company’s policies for […]
December 14, 2020

Paper on John Wycliff

Paper on John Wycliff Paper on John Wycliff You will be required to submit a Biographical Research Paper. As you are aware, history is shaped by many factors (e.g., places, events, culture, politics, and people). For your Biographical Research Paper, you will select one individual and, using at least three (3) primary sources and three (3) secondary sources, describe the individual, the context, and the reasons this person should be considered noteworthy. You are free to choose any individual you desire as long as your choice is relevant to the course time-frame and is approved by your instructor. The individual […]
December 14, 2020

What are the critical issues or problems

What are the critical issues or problems Case Study – The assignment needs to be at least four pages in length. Be sure to follow the APA formatting for this assignment. What are the critical issues or problems? What are the alternatives? What recommendations can be made? How can you justify your strategy? At least 3-5 journal articles required. case_study_2
December 14, 2020

Select a social issue or ethical dilemma in the news

Select a social issue or ethical dilemma in the news Media Bias and Propaganda Select a social issue or ethical dilemma in the news and find three recent articles from three different media sources on the issue and then answer the following questions: What assumptions do you make about these articles before reading them? How is your mind already “at work”? What evidence of bias can you find in the articles selected? *What is the point of view expressed (if there is one) by the article? How do the stories favor privileged views? What is a peer-reviewed source? What peer-reviewed […]
December 14, 2020

Components of the U.S. Health Care Delivery System

Components of the U.S. Health Care Delivery System 20 POINTS This module discussed the many components of the U.S. Health Care Delivery System. It is complex, and many people do not understand all the components or how they work together to provide health care and promote positive health outcomes. For this assignment, I would like you to imagine you have been asked to create a presentation for a community meeting to explain the types of health care services provided through outpatient, hospital, and long-term care providers. Requirements: COMMUNITY PRESENTATION ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES 1. You may use PowerPoint, Prezi, or other presentation […]
December 14, 2020

Describe the risk factors for youth-related violence

Describe the risk factors for youth-related violence Reference: Nies, Mary A., McEwen, Melanie (2015). Community/Public Health Nursing. Promoting the Health of the Populations. (6th ed). ISBN: 978-0323-18819-7 APA FORMAT ARIAL 12 A MINIMUM OF 700 WORDS FOR EACH QUESTION Read chapter 26 & 27 (Substance Abuse as a Community Health Problem/ Violence and Nursing’s Response) from the assigned book for the course. Afterward, answer the following: 1-Describe the risk factors for youth-related violence. Include at least 2 evidence-based reference related to risk factors for youth-related violence (not counting the class textbook) no older than 5 years. 2- How do sociocultural and political […]
December 14, 2020

Some of the ideas about emotions and the way trauma impacts the brain

Some of the ideas about emotions and the way trauma impacts the brain Understanding Emotion – a continuing dialogue Listen to Invisibilia (NPR) Podcast from June 1, 2017 titled “Emotions: Part 1”:… ~ it is sometimes easier to listen while driving, doing chores like folding laundry or doing dishes! What struck you about the contents of this podcast? Some of the ideas about emotions and the way trauma impacts the brain might be controversial. How did you react to these ideas? How would you challenge them or how might you be intrigued to explore more?
December 14, 2020

Historical overview of some of the major educational policies

Historical overview of some of the major educational policies For this benchmark, create an in‐depth, 15‐20 slide PowerPoint presentation to inform other teachers in your school district of the benefits of using the SIOP model as a teaching framework. This presentation should elaborate on the empirical research that shows the benefits of the SIOP framework when used with general education students as well as with ELLs. Your presentation should include: A brief historical overview of some of the major educational policies that have shaped ELL instruction. A brief description of socioeconomic, political, and legal influences on instruction for ELLs. The […]
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