December 16, 2020

The characteristics of a problem-solving expert

The characteristics of a problem-solving expert Psychology: Novice and expert In 750 words explain the difference between a novice and an expert problem solver, by doing the following: Describe the characteristics of a problem-solving expert. Explain how to gain the skills necessary to be classified as an expert problem solver. Apply the concepts that were studies this week. Use three to five scholarly resources (e.g. articles) to support your responses. Use APA and no plagiarism! Also, an abstract is not required.
December 16, 2020

Discuss the importance of incident response

Discuss the importance of incident response In this week, you examined the security principle of Response. Incidence response includes all security-related activities that are initiated as a result of an attack that is imminent, suspected, under way or completed. Discuss the importance of incident response and the difference between pre-versus post-attack response. Specifically, compare and contrast the front-loaded and back-loaded response approaches. Provide examples and identify challenges that are involved in incidence response. You must do the following: 1) Create a new thread and share your perspectives with examples and references to course material
December 16, 2020

Concerning ethical case studies and the apa ethical guidelines

Concerning ethical case studies and the apa ethical guidelines Concerning ethical case studies and the apa ethical guidelines First take a look at the 3 Case Studies below. Study 1, concerns Watson’s famous Little Albert. Although we all know the story of Little Albert, we may not have read Watson and Rayner’s original 1920’s study. Take into consideration the context and spirit of the times or Zeitgeist, if you will, when analyzing this study and the next one. Study 2 tells the story of Wendell Johnson, or more specifically, Mary Tudor’s study of children in an orphanage in Iowa. It’s […]
December 16, 2020

Can unsuccessful decisions based on data analysis be useful

Can unsuccessful decisions based on data analysis be useful Can unsuccessful decisions based on data analysis be useful in a business intelligence project from a management perspective? State your reasons using supporting literature or real-world experiences. Post your initial response (of at least 250 words minimum)
December 16, 2020

Art appreciation – form in architecture

Art appreciation – form in architecture Art Appreciation – Form in architecture Link to textbook ch 7 is what you need to answer Review the following architectural forms and associate each form with a culture. Then, cite an example of each form. Post and Lintel _______________________________________________ Circular Arch _________________________________________________ Pointed Arch__________________________________________________ Your initial post for this discussion should be 150-250 words in length and completely answer the question. After you post, you will be able to see other students’ posts and should substantially respond to at least 2 of your fellow students with responses at least 40-60 words in length.
December 16, 2020

The difference between implicit biases and stereotypes

The difference between implicit biases and stereotypes Minority Groups and the Court System Paper Assignment Content Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you do the following: Explain the difference between implicit biases and stereotypes. Identify the difference between explicit stereotyping and attitudes. Describe how biases might affect courtroom proceedings such as a bail/bond proceeding, pretrial proceeding, first appearance, and having a private lawyer instead of a public defender. Explain the importance of diversity of courtroom and corrections employees. Explain how racial disparity in sentencing affects the judicial system. Provide statistics to support your explanation. Format your paper in accordance with […]
December 16, 2020

Identify the analogy in paragraph 9 of “The War Prayer”

Identify the analogy in paragraph 9 of “The War Prayer” ENGL 2130 American Literature: For each short answer response, construct at least five complete sentences. See the attachment for the following questions listed below.Identify the analogy in paragraph 9 of “The War Prayer” by Mark Twain. How does this analogy contribute to the old man’s message?According to “The War Prayer,” by Mark Twain how are people changed by war? How does war affect people? What is the relationship between war and peace? Can one bring about the other? Use evidence from “The War Prayer” to help support your response. Ambrose Bierce […]
December 16, 2020

The Native American culture and the Jewish culture

The Native American culture and the Jewish culture compare/contrast in 2-3 paragraphs Read the following 2 selections, one from the Native American Culture and the other from the Jewish culture. Compare and contrast the genres, figurative language, and themes of the tales. Find at least three differences and three similarities. Develop your ideas into two or three paragraphs. Selection A: “Origin Of The Pleiades And The Pine” Long ago, when the world was new, there were seven boys who used to spend all their time down by the townhouse playing the gatayû’stï game, rolling a stone wheel along the ground and […]
December 16, 2020

Analyzing the symbol of the river in Siddhartha

Analyzing the symbol of the river in Siddhartha Paragraph about the OM symbolizing the river Write an essay analyzing the symbol of the river in Siddhartha. Below are some suggested areas you might consider. -OM -Middle path -Thirst -Unity -Samsara -Descent -Inner voice -Change/impermanence -Timelessness Divide your essay into 4 to 6 paragraphs. Focus each paragraph around on one symbolic aspect. State that aspect in the first sentence of each paragraph. 1.) No introduction or conclusion. Begin your essay with a sentence that introduces the first paragraph topic. For example: “In Siddhartha the river symbolizes OM . . .” 2.) No summarizing. Assume the reader knows the story […]
December 16, 2020

The approach(es) organizations can take to assign value to intangible assets

The approach(es) organizations can take to assign value to intangible assets Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words each:  APA format, included Reference and citation. Discussion #1. Discuss the approach(es) organizations can take to assign value to intangible assets , such as reputation or goodwill, in accounting documents. How accurate do you think these approaches are, and why? Student Response #2. Intangible assets are assets that lack physical existence and are not financial instruments. They are normally amortized over their useful life and are normally categorized as long-term assets. For intangible assets to have any value they […]
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